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Sokkidre Yana, Dhuddidre Gokarna Trip

Dec 14th :

Sirsi-Marikamba temple-Yana-Vibhooti-Gokarna-Om-Kudle-Kasarkod beach-Apsara Konda-Murudeshwar

1.) Reach Sirsi @ 6:30 am
Checkin to Hotel Madhuvana, Ashwini Circle, Phone Number: 08384-237799, 237759.

Hotel Samrat is also near

2.) Leave Sirsi by 9 or 10 am.

3.) Cover Benne Hole falls, Yaana, Vibhooti falls
Reach Gokarna by 4 pm. Checkin to a lodge
4-6 Om Beach

Gokarn International, Gokarn

2 Kms from Bus stand
Om Beach Resort, Gokarn
A/c Suites
2 kms from Gokarn towards Om beach
Hotel OM, Gokarn
A/c, Non A/c rooms
Near Bus Stand
Hotel New Prasad Nilay, Gokarn
A/c, Non A/c rooms
Near New Bus Stand

4.) 15th Morning: Kudle Beach, Temple

5.) Kasarkod beach, Apsara Konda, Murudeshwar

Murdeswar Guest House, Murdeswar
568860,   5680424, 425, 426
 Non A/c rooms
On Murdeswar beach
Murdeswar Resort, Murdeswar
560415, 428, 429, 430
A/c rooms

Yatri Nivas, Murdeswar
A/c. Non A/c rooms

Hotel Murdeswar, Murdeswar
Non A/c

Hotel Benz, (NH 17) Murdeswar
A/c. Non A/c rooms
On NH 17 at the road cross to Murdeswar
Hotel Kamat Executive, Honnavar
A/c, Non A/c rooms

Hotel Kola Paradise, Bhatkal
Non A/c rooms


Hotel Panchavati about 4km from the Sirsi, on the way to Yellapur SH63 road.
Hotel Madhuvan, right in the heart of the city
Hotel Samrat
Hotel Panchavati , Phone Number: 08384-236755.
Hotel Shivani, Phone Number: 08384-237797, 70.
Hotel Madhuvana ,Phone Number: 08384-237799, 237759.
Samrat Guest House, Phone Number: 08384-236278.
Panchavati, Madhuvana & Samrat have only veg restaurants. Not sure about Shivani.

1.) Shri Rajarajeshwari Travels- 9482101486
Shri Rajarajeshwari Travels, Basaveshwar Colony, Hubli Road, Sirsi, Sirsi Market, SIRSI - 581402

2.) Jyoti Swaroop Travels (08384) 229059
Ramantaggu, Sirsi Ho, Sirsi - 581401

3) S G M T Travels (08384) 225343
S G M T Travels, Sirsi, 5 Road, Sirsi Ho, Sirsi - 581401
Unchalli Falls: (Lushington falls), (Keppa Joga)
It is actually the river Aghanashini, tributary of Kali river which makes this spectacular falls. After travelling for around 15km from Sirsi crossing Ammenahalli village on the way, one has to take a left and have to travel another 20km to reach Unchalli falls. The falls are 5 km from Heggarane Village.

The tar road takes almost till the falls. The last half kilometer has to be done by walk to reach the view point.

There are few hundred steps to go near to the falls and two view points to view but be aware that these concrete steps won’t lead you till the bottom of the falls. It rather stops abruptly. If one wants to go till the bottom of the falls there is a different path that leads you there. Near the start point of the steps leading to view points, there are few concrete benches that have been put up for people to relax. Just behind these one can see a small path mud way that would lead till the bottom. It would be a one hour of walk to reach the bottom of the falls.

Two Ways to Yana from Sirsi:-
The first one is through Devimane ghat on the way to kumta where one has to take deviation and the other one is through villages of Hegdekatte, Devanalli and Mattighatta (while driving from Sirsi towards kumta one has to take a deviation to the right to go to Hegdekatte road)

Time: 1 and half hours

Route from Unchalli Falls (40 KM from Unchalli Falls): Unchalli Falls – Heggarane – Aminhalli – Left at Kumta Road– Proceed for 0.5 KM on Kumta Road – Right at Kumta Road towards Hegadekatte –> Hegadekatte – Devanalli – Yana 

90 meters and 120 meters respectively called "Mohini Shikhara" and "Bhairaveshwara Shikhara"

61 structures of these kinds
Shivalinga inside the cave on which water trickles down, which people call it gangodbhava.
There's a path through which one can come around the Bhairava shikara

Vibhoothi Falls:
7-8km from Yana.  to reach this one has to go back to the intersection which led into Yana, take the other direction which leads to Vaddi Ghats.

The place name is Mabage. From here the falls is around 3kms. The last 1km has to be by walk and it takes around 20min to reach this falls.

This is a three step fall. People call it Vibhoothi since it flows through limestone and the water here is bright white. At the end of the falls once can go for a swim or take a bath as it forms a small pool before going down further for one more fall.

Other falls:
(near Sirsi)- Mattighatta falls, Benne Hole, Wate Halla falls
(near Sonda)- Shivagange
(near Yellapur)- Sathodi Falls, Shirley Falls, Maagod Falls
(near Siddapur)- Burude and Wate Halla falls

1. Satyanatheshwara Temple, Bakkala. Bakkala is a village at around 18km from Sirsi on Sirsi-Sonda route via Hulekal.

2. Sahasralinga, Sonda: Sahasralinga, is approachable from Hulgol, on Sirsi-Yellapur road at around 15km from Sirsi

3. Muttinakere Venkataramana Temple, Sonda

4. Hunasehonda Venkataramana Temple, Sonda

5. Sonda Kote, Sonda

6. Madhukeshwara Temple, Banavasi


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