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Must Visit Places near Bangalore < 100 Kms (Part1)


Update: Trekking is no more free at Skandagiri and 6 other places(Makalidurga, AvalaBetta, Savandurga, Devarayanadurga, SiddaraBetta, Bidarakatte). It is charged by "myecotrip" (Rs.250). For more info, Check this:

Among the hundreds of places around Bangalore, these are some of the Best ones within the 100kms radius, that are definitely worth visiting:-

1. Nandi Hills (61 Kms from Bangalore)
Best Time to Visit: Early Mornings, throughout the year.

Places to see:
i) Temples dedicated to : Sri Bhoga Narasimha, Sri Ugra Narasimha and Sri Yoga Narasimha
ii) Small playground for kids.
iii) Kalyani and garden.
iv) Tippu Drop
v) Arkavathi Ugamasthana

Where/What to Eat:
Breakfast can be had at Hotel Mayura at the top of the hills which serves Idli, Dosas, Upma etc.
There are numerous shops and hotels near the base of the hill where you can have tea, Noodles, Bread Omlette etc.

If you want a good dining experience you can have breakfast/lunch at Nandi Upachar which is on the NH7 Highway right next to the turn for Nandi Hills. The point where you take a left turn to Nandi Hills from the highway.

NearBy Places:
1) Bhoga Nandeeshwara Temple: One of the oldest temples in Karnataka dating back to the ninth century.
   Built in Dravidian style of architecture.
2) Kanive Nandheeshwara Temple: Big statue of Nandi(Basavanna)
3) Muddenahalli: Birth Place of Vishveshwarayya. Museum, Samadhi, Garden.
4) Skandagiri(Kalavarahalli Betta): Papagni Mutt, Sathya Sai Grama

2. Devarayana Durga (DD Hills): 73 Kms from Bangalore, near Kyatsandra/Tumkur

Places to See:
1) Yoga Lakshmi Narasimha Swamy Temple
2) Bhoga Narasimha Swamy Temple
3) 360 degree View Point(Behind the temple)

Nearby Places
1) Namada Chilume(Dear Park)
2) Siddagange: Siddalingeshwara Temple, Siddaganga Mutt
3) Shivagange

Where/What to eat: Snacks at Devarayanadurga (Beware of Monkeys)
Breakfast at Kamat(Dosas). Local Hotels at Dobbaspet or Kyathsandra (Pavithra Idly Hotel)

3. Savanadurga : 55Kms from Bangalore near Magadi

Trekking Level: Moderate
Also called Savina durga (the Fort of Death)
Do visit Lakshmi Narasimha Swamy Temple at the base of the hill.

NearBy Places:

1) Manchanbele Dam
2) Big Banyan Tree
3) Magadi Ranganatha Swamy Temple

4. Skandagiri : 61 Kms from Bangalore near Chikballapur

Trekking Level: Easy

Also called Kalavarahalli Betta
Places to see:
1) Papagni Mutt: at the base of the hill
2) Omkar Jyothi Ashrama,
3) Muddenahalli: Vishweshwarayya Museum, Memorial Park

Nearby Places:
1) Nandi Village(Bhoga Nandishwara temple) can be covered in the return leg
2) Kaurava Kunda Hill(Trekking involved)
3) Dandiganahalli Dam(Slight offroading)

5. Ramadevara Betta :50 kms from Bangalore near Ramanagar

Also called Sholay Hills, since Sholay movie was shot here.

Have Breakfast at Hotel Shri Janardhana(Mysore Pak Hotel)

6. RevanaSiddheshwara Betta: 60 Kms from Bangalore

RamadevaraBetta and RevanaSiddheshwara Betta can be covered together.


Want to visit some Offbeat Places less than 100kms from Bangalore for Trekking? Try these:-
1) GudiBande Fort
2) Gavi Ranganatha Swamy Betta

3) Narayanagiri
4) Bilikal Ranganatha Betta (not to be confused with BR hills-BiliGiri Rangana Betta)
5) HuthriDurga

6) HuliyurDurga
7) ChannaRayanadurga
8) MakaaliDurga
9) Kaurava Kunda
10) Kunigal Betta
11) Madhugiri
12) AvalaBetta

13) SiddaraBetta
14) Anthargange
15) Kailasagiri

All the above places are Hills/Forts < 100kms from Bangalore which involve some trekking and offer mesmerizing views of the surroundings. I'll share the details with pics/videos and maps shortly.

16) Basavana Betta: Just a hill, vehicles go all the way to the top to the temple.
17) Thimmappana Betta: A small hill which you can spot from Narayanagiri as well, vehicles go all the way to the temple. You can even take your bike on the hill which makes it a unique experience. But do not take any risk if you are not sure about it. The surface is uneven and the initial climb is a bit steep. Check this Video: Ride to Thimmappana Betta

All these places are good options for a short Bike Ride and Trek. I've always felt that Hills are the best for Rides or Drives. Other than the Hills/Forts, There are many more places of interest around Bangalore like Old Temples, Water Bodies (Dams, Lakes, Falls), Forests etc. which you can visit on weekend with Family/friends or on Solo Rides. Within the city, there are Aquarium, Planetarium, Gardens, Theme Parks etc that kids would love. So there is no dearth of good places to visit around Bangalore. There are hundreds of places actually and the list is never ending.

In this post, I've limited the places to < 100kms from Bangalore focusing on Hills/Trekking. I'll come up with a list of few other good places around Bangalore that I've visited and liked. If you increase the distance a bit to 150kms you'll find lot more places.

Note: Please carry your own Trash and do not disturb the environment by playing loud music, shouting or howling. It is not a party place like a DiscoTec. The hills/forests are home for many species of birds, animals and insects. Let us preserve it without causing much interference to Nature for our exploration/pleasure. Also Drinking, Smoking, Littering at these places will attract hefty fines. Beware of Wild Animals. Check with the Locals or forest authorities for permission before venturing out in to restricted areas. Look out for boards and seek permission if necessary. Biking/Trekking is adventurous at the same time its a risky affair and can prove fatal. Caution is advised.

Sorry if that was a bit discouraging. But it is what it is :) Take care and Enjoy!

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