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Weekend Trip Options from Bangalore(2 days < 250kms one way)- Coorg and Chikmagalur

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The two most visited places from Bangalore for a weekend Ride/Drive are Chikmagalur and Madikeri(Coorg). Simply because they are quite near to Bangalore and have lots to offer as weekend destinations specially from Bangalore. Also they are neither too near nor too far. Perfect for the so called Riding/Driving Enthusiasts for a Short Trip.

This post is aimed at helping people planning for a weekend outing from Bangalore with information about the places, route, map etc. I'll be updating the post with some pics and maps since I've visited both these places numerous times.

Lets first start with Chikmagalur coz there are lots of places to see. Falls, Hills, Temples etc. Its both near to Bangalore and easily accessible. Just a 4 and half hours drive. Coz Blore to Hassan is a breeze. Can cover in 3hrs. From Hassan, Chikmagalur is just 60 kms.

I've prepared a Sample Itenary which people can follow. This will give a fair idea to plan your trip according to your preferences. This itenary is prepared keeping both youngsters and family in mind and is not very challenging to execute.

Leave Bangalore at 4am.
Try to visit Mullayangiri early in the morning. Day1 will anyways be reaching Chikmagalur only by 10 or 11am, so cover the temples and the falls on Day1 and take Rest.
On Day2, can visit Mullayangiri early in the morning. There is some trekking involved, but the view is worth it. There will be some mist as well. And the morning breeze on the hill is something to be experienced. The feeling can't be described in words.

Day1: Blore-Breakfast- Halebidu(Hoysaleshwara Temple) - Belur(Chennakeshawa Temple, Take a Guide if available)-Lodge/Resort Checkin-Lunch
Note: Belur is on the way to chikmagalur. Belur and Halebidu are some 17kms apart. If visiting both, visit Halebidu first and then Belur.
Post Lunch: Dabdabe(Buttermilk) Falls- BabaBudangiri Hill - Lodge - Roam Around in the market(Chats)-Dinner-Halt
Buttermilk falls doesn't involve much trekking. Need to park the car by the side of the road and A jeep will get you down(offroad) near to the falls and from there its just a leisurely walk.
Carry extra clothes and covers. Bababudangiri also not much trekking. Its more of walking.

Day2: Start at 6am from Lodge-Mullayangiri-Breakfast-Lodge(checkout)- Some Other Place-Lunch
Post Lunch: Ayyana kere Lake- Dinner -Blore
Ayyana kere is just a large lake. Peaceful and good place to relax and click pics. Nothing much to do. Its quite far from the city, 25kms on the other side on Chikmagalur. But then you can take the alternate route through Arsikere to Bangalore. Check the above map and see which all places you would want to visit on Day2.

On Day2, in case it gets late, you can stop for dinner on the way(Swathi Delicacy before Kunigal).

PS: There are lots of other places in Chikmagalur which I've purposely left out. Either because its time consuming or because its a little too adventurous to include them in a 2 days plan. I'll share about those places in a separate post. 2 days is not at all enough for Chikmagalur/Madikeri or any such place for that matter. With too many options and misleading reviews on the internet, I'm just trying to bring your confusion down by picking a few places that are worth a Visit.
Any Suggestions/comments are most welcome.


MadikeriComing to Madikeri, one of my fav places for a Trip.

You can visit the following places in Coorg:-

1) Bylakuppe(Tibetian Monastery), Nisargadhama and Dubbare elephant camp in one shot preferably on 1st day itself. Try Zipline at Nisargadhama and Rafting at Dubbare. Check this for the timings:

2) Omkareshwara Temple, Abbi falls, Mandalpatti, Raja's Tomb and Raja Seat all are near Madikeri.
Mandalpatti has some offroading. Better park the bike midway and walk the last stretch.
Abbi falls you've to climb down and climb up some 100-150 steps. You can only take pics from a distance. Can't get down to the waters. Will be a bit crowded.

Raja Seat(Sunset point) and the Omkareshawara temple can be covered at evening time as well. Raja Seat will be open till 8pm I guess.

You can take a walk at Raja Seat if you reach there before its dark and Relax. There's a toy train and musical fountain as well. You can just have some snacks and relax.

3) Talacauvery and Bhagamandala- go early in the morning. Will be a good Ride. Dont keep this for evening/afternoon. Try coffee/tea at some shops on the way.

4) Tadiandimol(Trekking)- Chelavara falls (close to Virajpet). Again, dont keep this for evening.

All the places are touristy places So plan according to your preference. Try to explore some offbeat places. Check this blog post for some maps and info.
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